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Quinta Morocco, one of the oldest demarcated regions of the Douro, allows a great view over the Douro River and the contact with factory marks that remain.

Early in the last century, the great-grandfather of César Augusto Sequeira belt, the current owner, acquired Quinta Morocco, whose house was an old Convent of Franciscan Friars. Since 1979, César Sequeira has kept the wine business, culminating in the production / bottling / fifth of the wine certification. Linked to this activity is Agro-tourism through the recovery of old family heritage, offering quality rooms, the interaction with domestic and foreign tourists, which has brought international prominence to the family's seats and wines, and are a great way to promote the Douro, its traditional routines and the making of its wines. The quality of Quinta Morocco wines has been recognized in International Competitions.

Rita Sequeira, daughter, is the Winemaker and Agricultural Engineer, responsible for the activities of the wine property.

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Colheita Port Quinta de Marrocos 2000 QDM04
Lagrima Port Quinta de Marrocos QDM03
Qinta de Marracos 20 yr old Tawny Quinta de Marrocos 20 year ol QDM05
Ruby Port Quinta de Marrocos QDM02
Tawny Port Quinta de Marrocos QDM01

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Wine Producer Vintage Order Code
Barbadillo Pedro Ximinex Sherry Jerez BARo1

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