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My interest in wines started at an early age: my father introduced me to the art of drinking fine wines when I was not much older than nine or ten. Having left school at the age of sixteen, I attended a catering course at Norwich City College, but I left college prematurely to join the theatre. During my spells of "resting", I always found work in hotels, and of course the sommelier's department was always the most interesting. Working under so many great sommeliers enabled me to learn more about the complexities of fine wines.

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Having gained a mass of experience about wine, I became an agent and manager for a variety of artists in the entertainment business, knowing all the time that my knowledge of wine was a great asset! Having spent over twenty-five years in the music business, I joined an international wine company, and after several years of working for them I left to start my own wine business. So I teamed up with Shawbury Vintners and the rest, as they say, is history!

The great thing about wine is that one is always learning, and what a great way to learn! Enjoy the site, and if you have any enquiries please do call or email me.

Charlie Salt

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"He bringeth forth grass for the cattle: and green herb for the service of men; That he may bring food out of the earth, and wine that maketh glad the heart of man"

The Book of Common Prayer, Psalm 104, v. 14

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